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Everyday Conversations on Race for Everyday People

Dec 27, 2020

In this conversation on race, I’m joined by Joel A. Davis Brown to talk about why he has hope for the future as a Black man, why he's ready for the Covid vaccine, advice for Joe Biden and more.


Key topics in this episode:

  • Why it’s important for Black and other BIPOC people to have hopes for the future
  • How Biden can make a difference if the Democrats get control of the senate and the consequences to democracy if they do not
  • The real reasons that Black people have concerns about the vaccine for COVID 19 and what needs to be done to allay those fears.
  • Why Dr. Joel A. Davis Brown is glad for the vaccine.
  • How to respond to people who claim Joe Biden is a white supremacist
  • Why deciding not to vote is often a sign of privilege
  • What to say when someone says Kamala Harris doesn’t like Black people.
  • The truth about the Black, LatinX and Jewish people who support Trump.
  • Advice, music playlist and reading recommendations.